Environmental, Social & Governance

30 Jellicoe modern office building


Our properties are embedded in communities. We recognise that inclusive economic growth and societal transformation are vital in supporting the Fund's sustainability and delivering value for all our stakeholders.

Our commitment to our people

Our people have always been at the heart of our business. However, supporting those who serve the Fund has received heightened focus in the current context. We have continually adjusted our approach in responding to the needs emerging from the pandemic.

For more information, see our human and intellectual capital discussion in our Integrated Annual Report.

Investing in long-term partnerships

Our purpose is to unlock the potential of space. We work together with our stakeholders to create positive change, aligning our efforts across the portfolio to focus on sustainability and building long-term partnerships.

Our approach to transformation includes a focus on supplier and enterprise development, procurement, and economic and socioeconomic development.


stakeholder engagement, human and intellectual capital and social and relationship capital

For more information on our social performance, click on the links below for the relevant sections within our 2021 Integrated Annual Report.